School Policies

At Watling Park School we ensure that we have effective policies and procedures for all aspects of school life.   School Policies, which we are required to be published and which we think are most useful for parents, carers and visitors to the site are held in this section of the website and updated on a regular basis.   Please contact the school office should the policy you’re looking for not be available.

Watling Positive Behaviour Policy

Watling Park Online Safety Policy

Watling Park Acceptable Use Policy for Staff, Governors and Volunteers

Watling Park Acceptable Use Policy for Parents

Watling Park Acceptable Use Policy for Pupils (within EFYS & KS1)

Watling Park Acceptable Use Policy for Pupils (within KS2)

BPET – Accessibility Policy

Watling Park Accessibility Plan

BPET – Anti-Bullying Policy

BPET – Attendance Policy

BPET – Complaints Policy

BPET – Behaviour Policy

BPET – Charging and Remissions Policy

BPET – Collection and Non-Collection Policy

BPET – Continuing Professional Development Policy

BPET – Curriculum Policy

BPET – Data Protection Policy (2018)

BPET – Equal Opportunities for Staff Policy

BPET – Exclusion Policy

BPET – Expenses Policy (Trustee and Local Adviser)

BPET – First Aid Policy

BPET – Health and Safety Policy

BPET – Induction of New Staff Policy 

BPET – Information Security Policy

BPET – Information and Records Retention Policy

BPET – Missing Child Policy

BPET – Risk Assessment Policy

BPET – Safeguarding Policy

BPET – Safer Recruitment Policy

BPET – Special Educational Needs Policy (including provision for pupils with EHC plans and EAL)

BPET – Staff Code of Conduct Policy

BPET – Whistleblowing Policy

Our E-Safety Policy is found within our Safeguarding Policy, from page 15.


British Values Statement

Home-School Agreements


Parent Privacy Notice
Staff Privacy Notice