Ofsted confirms Watling Park School to be Good in all areas

We were visited by Ofsted inspectors last June and judged as a Good school once more, which is a confirmation of the first inspection in 2018.

It was clear to inspectors that our school is a happy and safe place which caters for all children’s needs. The report highlights leaders’ high aspirations of what pupils can and should accomplish, and children’s enthusiasm in striving to do well and being proud of their achievements.

The report goes on to praise the breadth of activities on offer mentioning musical productions, trips to museums and dance festivals, print making workshops and residentials, as well as competitions with other schools within the same trust. All these out-of-classroom activities strengthen children’s learning, nurture them as all-rounders and add to their positive experience of primary school.

Inspectors also noted the children’s desire to contribute to school’s life: “They are proud of the roles that they have in school, for example as members of the school’s parliament and the green council. They felt that their contributions are valued, that they are listened to, and that they make a difference to their school and wider community.”

Liz Haynes, Headteacher, says: “I’m really proud of our dedicated staff at Watling. We work together in the interest of the children, and I’m glad that Ofsted recognised our watertight approach to phonics and reading, as well as our solid safeguarding procedures. I’m also pleased that they appreciated how our extra-curricular activities can enrich children’s learning. I’m looking forward to leading Watling Park School to achieve even better outcomes”.

In addition to the school’s high praises, Ofsted commented on the support offered by the Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET), which we are part of, and noticed how the trust and the local advisory board provide structure as well as challenge to school leaders in order to ensure accountability and progress.

Mark Greatrex, BPET Chief Executive, says: “We are delighted that Watling Park School has been confirmed as a Good school. We built the school from the ground and are proud of how it has developed over time. Our job as a trust is to make sure that all our children learn, enjoy and, as a result, succeed and I think they are doing just that at Watling Park School”.

Watling Park School has recently opened a new playpark on its extensive grounds, and produces its own energy thanks to solar panels installed on the roof.

Read the full 2023 Ofsted report.