Clean Air Day – 20th June 2024

Clean Air Day | Schools resources

Clean Air Day is on Thursday 20 June 2024. 

This campaign, run by Global Action Plan, is a great opportunity to focus on the actions we can take to clean up our air, which would not only benefit our physical health and the environment, but can also protect our mental and brain health.

Research has shown that our physical health, as well as our brain and mind, are impacted by air pollution.

What we can do?

Walking, wheeling, or using public transport help to reduce our exposure and contribution to air pollution. Even reducing the use of a car by one day a week would make a great difference.

Idling around the School

Idling refers to when cars are left running for over a minute after stopping or parking. This is common when Parents/Carers pick or drop off pupils to school, and can result in increased air pollution surrounding the school gates. Please keep this in mind when stopping and/or parking.


  • Did you know that cars and vans are the biggest source of toxic chemicals in our air? ☁️ According to official data, cars and vans are the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and some types of air pollution in the UK, harming both our health and the planet 🌍
  • 25% of the trips we take in England are under one mile – which can be walked on average in around 15 minutes ⏱️  That’s the equivalent of listening to 5 of your favourite songs!🚶
  • If everyone switched just one car journey a month for a bus trip, there would be a billion fewer car journeys each year! 🚌

Safety Around School

We would also like to remind Parents and Carers of the importance of driving and parking safely at drop-off and pick-up times. We have had incidents of drivers mounting the pavements and vehicles being parked in private parking spaces; let us work together as a community to ensure everyone has a safe, happy journey to and from school!