Home Learning

It is really important that children develop a secure sense of number. Children with good number sense can: 

  • Manipulate numbers to make calculations easier, and are flexible in their approach. 
  • Assess the reasonableness of an answer, and routinely estimate answers before calculating.  
  • Identify connections and readily spot patterns in numbers. 
  • Use several approaches to calculate and solve problems. 

 To achieve this, it is vital that children are able to fluently (at their age and ability level): 

  • Count forwards and backwards in different intervals and in between different numbers. 
  • Recall the number bonds and related subtraction facts.  
  • Construct numbers in different ways.  
  • Recall multiplication and division facts for the times tables.  
  • Use a variety of mental strategies for adding and subtracting. 

Please Note: Mathematical concepts can be secured by completing day to day activities like cooking, shopping and walking to school as well as by playing or completing a variety of games and puzzles (e.g. Uno, Rummikub, Sudoku, Monopoly etc.), including those invented by yourself or your child. 

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