School Travel Plans

Watling Park School is keen to promote sustainable travel to school and to support parents in this, Watling Park School has prepared a school travel plan.  This will aim to ensure that parents are encouraged to walk, cycle and taking the bus as sustainable transport proposals.

Green Travel – please see the Bus map for Edgware Community Hospital.  Watling Park School’s nearest bus stop is in Deansbrook Road at the junction with Deansbrook Close.  Buses 303, 628 and 642 stop at this location.  The school is a 20 minute walk from Burnt Oak station.

Walk to school’ Wednesdays

How many of you walk with your children to school? Your child will receive a mark on our interactive tracker everytime they walk on a Wednesday. If they walk every Wednesday they will be rewarded with a ‘WOW’ badge each month. Of course, we’d really encourage them to walk everyday as that’s even better.  




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