Welcome to Watling Park School, a primary free school in Barnet which opened in September 2015. The school currently has children from Reception to Year 3 and will grow organically to its full capacity of 420 pupils in 2021. We are part of the Bellevue Place Education Trust - for more information: click here.

As well as state-of-the-art facilities, this new building brings fresh investment into the area for the pupils and local community. Our grounds feature a 3G (artificial grass) multi-use games pitch for use not just by the school, but also community groups in the evenings and at weekends. It is our ambition to offer free or low-cost community use of these facilities to local groups for at least 2 sessions a week, with access every evening and weekend. For more information about how to let this facility or other parts of the school please click this link.

We are proud of the high-quality education our school offers, along with the before and after-school care which enhances the opportunities for our pupils. Pupils at Watling Park School are nurtured and guided through school life; we aim to stimulate and inspire our children, develop their interests and equip them with lifelong learning skills through the provision of a broad, rich and exciting curriculum which focuses on developing children's love of learning, as well as their excitement and passion across a diverse range of opportunities including trips and visits, outdoor learning and creative focuses such as Arts and Science Weeks.

We also offer a range of lunchtime and after school clubs which enhance provision further. Click here for more information.

Everything we do is underpinned by our school values: I CARE

We also offer exciting opportunities for outstanding, ambitious teachers to join our expanding school. The opportunity to develop and enhance your career, not just through support and guidance offered at Watling, but also to work in collaboration with other schools in the Trust, is an inspiring benefit.

Mrs Sally Quartson Headteacher