Hot School Meals and Menu

Lunches are free this year! Thanks to the Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan – all primary school children get a free lunch. This is a wonderful opportunity to make sure your child has a two course meal at school at no cost and saves you the work of making a packed lunch!

We are delighted to offer a healthy and varied lunch choice for our pupils every day at Watling Park School provided by our caterers, Harrisons and our lovely kitchen team. The team cook all food on site and children are offered a choice of a meat/fish or vegetarian main course. This is accompanied with carbohydrates such as potatoes (mash, roast, chips – on Friday!), rice or pasta and two vegetables of which they can have as much as they like!

In addition, we also have a free flowing salad bar additional to vegetables available from the servery. The team make fresh homemade bread every day – foccacia, wholemeal and white – which is available in the self serve area. A variety of desserts are served across the week including homemade desserts, biscuits, fresh fruit and yogurt. Desserts are made 50/50 with fruit for a nutritional balance.

Please see below the menu for the Spring and Summer Term.

We use the Scopay App on Google Play  and the App Store to book lunches -so that we can estimate how much food we need to provide each day as we are trying very hard to reduce waste.

Please follow this link for some exciting recipes from Harrison