School Day

As part of our parent-friendly approach to the school day, we offer wraparound care on site during term time. In addition, a wide variety of after-school clubs are available.

Our slightly earlier start time and later finish time will help parents who have two school runs.

The timings for the school day are as follows:

07:45 – Breakfast Club

08:40 – Drop Off – We ask parents to drop their children promptly and leave them with the class teacher at 8.45 as the gate will be closed at 8.50 to ensure the safety of the children and the site.

08:50 – School day begins

15:30 – School day finishes – At the end of the school day, for the safety and security of your children and of the site, as soon as you have collected your child/ren, please exit the playground promptly.

In the interests of safety, please let your class teacher know the name of the nominated adult who will collect your child/ren in your absence, either at the beginning of the day or by telephoning the school office.

15:45 – 16.45 – After-school clubs

17:00 – 18:00 – Sunset club

To ensure that we align with local provision, our term structure mirrors that of LB Barnet.

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