Parent Testimonials

Parent Surveys and Feedback

We really value the opinions and thoughts of parents and carers of children at Watling Park School. We do this by regularly sending surveys and questionnaires and respond to these, whether it’s adding something to the School Development Plan or purchasing some new equipment.

Open door policy

We also operate an open door policy where parents can book to meet with a teacher or member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss a specific matter.

Parent Testimonials

In our surveys we ask for parent testimonials and here are a few as examples:

“We wanted to express our appreciation for all you have done for our daughter since she has started. She has increased in confidence and we believe it is due to her being happy and settled at school.”

“Watling Park provides a stimulating, safe and welcoming environment for all children”.

“We really appreciate your warmth & kindness, particularly in these months our child has been settling in.”

“We are really happy our daughter is at Watling Park. It is a pleasure to have a child who always wants to come to school!”