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Building Works Timeline

Watling Park School is a new Free School that opened in September 2015, opening with a capacity for 60 reception aged pupils.  Each year the school will admit 60 reception aged pupils and will reach the capacity of 420 pupils by 2021. In delivering a new school, planning permission was awarded for a new £6m building investment on the site, which is planned to be ready for September 2017.

August 2017

We are delighted that the construction of our new school is nearly complete and on-track to open in time for the new academic year in September. Over the next few weeks we will be moving everything from storage into the new school to set up the classrooms and play areas.

We really can’t wait to move into the new building, and to see how excited the children will be with all the new space to learn in!

As well as many large classrooms, a spacious dining area and hall, our new school is surrounded by a large playing field with a separate tarmac playground for outdoor play. We are very proud to have solar panels of the roof of the building and lots of green spaces for the children to explore. In addition, we have a state of the art 4G pitch which will available for the local community to use in the evenings and at weekends, which we hope will be a popular facility.

Please have a look at the photos below to see how the building is looking so far.

Temporary Site

Watling Park School is currently in its second year of temporary accommodation, with new, high quality temporary classrooms being provided and managed by Galliford Try, who are also on site, building the permanent new building.

The outdoor space remain generous, with further enhancements due soon with a canopy due to be added over the Easter period.

Watling Current siteThe location of the temporary site also enables pupils safety to be ensured when the works for the new building is expected to start in the summer term.  It will remain a focus of the governing body and Trust that pupils safety is the highest priority while any construction takes place.  Further space is due to be added in December, with a SEN room being constructed next to the reception classroom, to provide further space for the school.

The school is also working with the contractors so that pupils can be engaged through the building programme and it can be a valuable experience for them to understand the construction process of the new school.


New School Timeline

Work began in July 2016 on the permanent building for Watling Park School, which will be available for September 2017. The building is currently on track for the completion date.

Foundations have now been laid, with the insulation and damp proof membrane being laid in early October.  Walls have begun to go up and the schools is expected to be watertight in December, with work beginning on the internal layout of the school.


Now that we are in December 2016, the building is starting to really take shape. This photo shows the second floor of the building having been constructed. The building is expected to be watertight by the end of the calendar year.


As we approach the end of term before Christmas, the building is making good progress and the windows are being fitted in the week of 12th December.

January 2017

Since December there continues to be more progress on the new site. We have seen the installation of the coloured fascias around the windows and the screeding on the roof has been completed. Decking has also been installed on the 1st and roof level as well as a vapour barrier on the roof.




























March 2017

We’re really pleased that the building is continuing to progress well and have some updates on how it’s going… photos below.

External work

  • All roofing work is now complete.
  • Cladding continues on the outside of the building with framework and insulation inside.
  • All the roads have been tarmacked and curtain walling installed into the link corridor.
  • The link corridor has been built so you can walk from the main building to the hall now.
  • Seeds have started to be planted around the playing fields to make sure grass grows over the Spring/Summer.

Internal work

  • The lift has been installed
  • All partitions to both buildings have been built/boarded one side
  • Mechanical and electrical first fix continues throughout
  • Incoming gas/water/electricity have started to be installed
  • The hall is looking really good as it has many windows which makes it light and airy.
  • The corridors in the main building have been set up and carpeted.

It won’t be long until the builders put the final layer on the front of the building to make it a cream colour with the colourful windows. See the artist impression photos below for what it will look like!

Ms Anderson has also been to have a look at her office, see the photo below!


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