Watling Park School is a two form entry school with an admission limit of 60 pupils per year group.  From September 2021 we will have pupils in all years from Reception to Year 6. The admissions process at Watling Park School follows those of Barnet Council and applications will be considered as per their guidelines.

It is important to note that you need to apply for a place through Barnet Council*, even if you have siblings currently enrolled at the school.  The deadline for admissions is 15th January 2022, it is very important to visit our school to see it in action as soon as possible. Visit our Events page to see the dates and times of our 2021-22 School Tours.

* Parents or carers who live outside of Barnet apply for schools in Barnet through their home local authority (council). Any offer of a place in a Barnet school will be made by the parent/carer’s home local authority (council).

Admission guidance is available from Barnet Council’s website.

If you want to appeal against the refusal of a place, please click here to read the guidance provided by the council.

To Appeal a Decision for a place at Watling Park School please download and complete this BPET APPEALS Form. This form must be sent no later than 20 days after the date of the decision against which you wish to appeal.

This is what will happen next:
1. You will be told 10 school days in advance where and when your appeal is to be heard.
2. You will be invited to attend the hearing and, you may be accompanied by a friend or be
represented. If you cannot attend the appeal your written appeal will be heard in your absence.
3. 5 days before the hearing you will be sent a written summary of the School’s case and the reasons
for the decision against which you are appealing.
4. The proceedings, which will be as informal as possible, will normally be as follows:
(i) case for the school;
(ii) questioning by the parent and panel;
(iii) the case for the parent;
(iv) questioning by School and panel;
(v) reply and summing up by School;
(vi) summing up by the parent.

Children are eligible for Reception in the September of the school year in which they become 5 years old (1st Sept. – 31st Aug.). In September, the Reception children will have a slightly staggered start to Watling Park School.  Families will be expected to meet with the class teacher for an ‘All About Me’ meeting to enable a smooth transition for the children to school.

Prospective parents who have moved into the area are invited to make direct contact with the school to arrange a visit and find out more about us. If parents wish to apply for a place they must contact Barnet Council to apply directly though them.

Please click on the links below for a copy of our Admission Policy:


UPDATED: 17 February 2022:

For Admissions September 2023, we were obliged to consult on our policy as it has been established for seven (7) years in accordance with the School Admissions (Admission Arrangements and Co-ordination of Admission Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2012. Admission authorities (BPET) must consult on their admission arrangements at least once every 7 years, even if there have been no changes during that period. A consultation on arrangements for the year 2023/24 must run for a period of six weeks and be completed by 31 January 2022. The consultation ran from 6th December 2021 – 20th January 2022 and is now completed. Read our Consultation Report, and the Consultation Log. The full determined policy accepted by the BPET Board is listed above on this page.