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Results of Parent Survey, October 2017

Posted on October 31, 2017 by web admin

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you to those of you who responded to the parent survey. With 44% of families having completed it, we can now use the data to make improvements.

Your feedback is invaluable and complements the feedback we receive via our daily interactions with you.

We are delighted that 90% of parents agree that their child is happy at school and a further 92% agree that their children feel safe at school. 91% of you agree that your child is well looked after.

Strengths of Watling Park School

A vast majority of you agree that your child is making good progress at the school and, again, a vast majority of you agree that our daily routines and systems are clear and well understood.

There is a clear sense of what most of you regard as the strengths of the school. The most common responses were:

  • Your children are learning well and are well supported
  • The new building is “well built and fantastic”
  • The children enjoy coming to school and learning

The following table lists the statements that achieved the highest percentage of responses under the ‘agree’ column:

StatementPercentage who agreed
The school has clear routines that I understand93%
My child feels safe at school92%
My child is happy at school90%
I am pleased with the opportunities that the new building provides88%
My child makes good progress at this school86%


Areas for Improvement

We have identified the following areas to improve, in response to your feedback:

  • We will communicate more effectively with parents who work during the school day and use our extended day facilities. We will do this by providing you with information via a notice board that you can see daily, similar to the board that parents who are able to drop off can see.
  • We will continue to replenish equipment used at play and lunchtimes to ensure that children are not bored. Currently, the children have hoops, balls, skipping ropes, playground chalk, quoits and bean bags to play with. We will also look at installing fixed-play equipment.
  • We will discuss with you how best to improve our Home Learning opportunities so that they are open-ended and challenging.
  • As many of you responded ‘don’t know’ to our question about bullying, we will share with you the Anti-Bullying Policy which we will have available as paper copies on Parents’ Evening.

The improvements we strive to make come as a direct result of your input for which we are grateful.

Thank you once again for your valued and vital feedback.

With best wishes,

Miss Sonia Mallick

Acting Headteacher

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