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This half term, Year 1 have been thinking about keeping safe on the internet, especially as we are learning all about different internet search engines to find information for our English work. We’re following the adventures of Kim and Leo and now know that not everyone on the internet is who they seem. Thinkyouknow.co.uk is a useful resource that can be used at home to help explain the pros and cons of the internet to your child.  We’ll be revisiting this throughout the year, so perhaps parents can help their children by accessing this from home.

Children have a good understanding of what to do when they feel uncomfortable on the internet. One of their ‘Top tips’ is to ‘Hit the Button!’ when they are anxious about the things that they see.

“Has someone done something online that has made you or a child or young person you know, feel worried or unsafe?” Click this link to find out information on seeking guidance and support.

Thinkuknow website for children. 


We will be taking part in Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 7th February 2017 where the children will spend time learning about this.

To find out more information about Safer Internet day 2017, please click here.

We will be running an E-safety parent workshop on Tuesday 7th February from 3.30 – 4.30pm and we’d really encourage parents to attend this session. We’ll be looking at how to put filters on your computers at home and specific sites that children can visit which are safe.

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