Whole School Curriculum Overview

At Watling Park School, we take a creative, thematic approach to the curriculum. Each term, learning within a heading subject of Science, Geography and History is taught in context by integrating skills and knowledge from other subject areas: English, Maths, Art, D.T, P.E, Music, PHSE, R.E., and Drama.

Children arrive in Reception with a vast amount of knowledge. It is our job at Watling Park School to support and develop transferable, independent learning skills through which knowledge will automatically happen.

Children learn by ‘doing’. We provide opportunities to engage in practical, investigative tasks, in contexts which are both familiar and unfamiliar, challenging and exciting.

Our creative, thematic curriculum aims to foster skills of:

  • enjoyment
  • curiosity
  • investigation
  • motivation
  • higher order thinking
  • questioning
  • co-operation

These sit very well alongside our school values of:

  • Integrity
  • Confidence
  • Appreciation
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence

To further enrich this creative curriculum, well-chosen educational visits, enrichment/curriculum days and invitations to visitors are carefully thought out and incorporated into planning.

Examples include: Bethnal Green Toy Museum, Regent’s Park Zoo, Hampstead Heath, Science, Maths and Safer Internet Days.

Please click here to view the curriculum maps for each year group.

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